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World class drone production.

Transcendent aerial cinematography.

The beauty of the world, elevated.

Lynzaire was born from the passion for beauty and the pursuit of excellence. Our founders saw the skies as a canvas waiting to be painted with stunning images and stories. They felt the call to revolutionize the world of drone production, to elevate it from a simple tool to an art form.

With every flight, we aim to capture the magic of the world below, to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. Our vision is to create a new horizon of possibility, where creativity and innovation meet efficiency and ease. Our mission is to bring life to the skies and to tell stories that inspire.


The Team


DP / Drone Operator

Sarah Phillips

Sarah is a cinematographer and drone pilot based in Los Angeles. She was recently featured in American Cinematographer magazine for her work as a drone pilot, and has won multiple cinematography awards for her narrative DP work, including the Mary Austin award at Idyllwild International Film Festival, and a Special Jury Award at SeriesFest. Sarah has shot for Amazon, Marvel, NBC, Fox Sports, Meta/Facebook, The Gates Foundation, The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, Samsung, Google, Bvlgari, Infiniti, etc as well as indie narrative films and digital series.



Lynzi Grant

Lynzi is an avid globetrotter VFX and aerial film producer shooting from India and Australia to Rhode Island. Her experience has led her to work on several award-winning projects. Some of her films include Ocean's 8, Beasts of No Nation, Extraction, Spiderhead, and Hocus Pocus 2. She was nominated by the Visual Effects Society for Outstanding Supporting Visual Effects in a Photoreal Feature for Extraction (2020). She has produced Aerial teams for Disney and Netflix.

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